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Paper Trails to Digital Highways

Steering a Trucking Titan into the Future

  • Date: 30 Mar 2021
  • Client: J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Role: Senior Product Designer

J. J. Keller Encompass is a full-service fleet management product that improves both day-to-day efficiency, as well as FMCSA compliance, for users across the United States and Canada.

J.J. Keller’s Encompass, a large fleet management solution, needed a refresh to stay relevant in the evolving transportation industry. The software, initially robust but fragmented, had to be redesigned to operate in a more unified manner.

We initiated the redesign process by conducting a UI inventory and card sorting exercises to determine what was effective and what needed reorganization in the product’s navigation. After gatherin those data, we proceeded to interview existing users and internal associates from Customer Care and Sales, asking questions about the software’s current performance, potential improvements, and areas they wished were better.

Three major areas of improvement emerged from the feedback: enhanced data manipulation, a modern UI, and intuitive navigation. These insights informed the creation of user personas, centralizing the design process around the end user. To quote a user during our interviews:

After [salesperson] showed me how to get there, it was easy to remember.

Subsequently, we supplemented the product’s color palette by using tints and shades to enhance accessibility, aligning the product redesign with the brand’s new voice: trustworthy, confident, educative, helpful, and relatable. This user-centric redesign transformed Encompass from a product users were taught to use, into one they could learn to use intuitively on their own.

Living Style Guide Design System (WIP)