I Bought a Theme


The bane of every respectable web designer’s very existence. A generic, dry representation of tired design trends and soon-to-pass fads we will grow out of by this time next year. We try and try to get clients to bite on “fully custom” websites so that we can flex our development muscles and create an amazing, from-scratch HTML and CSS masterpiece that is a unique little butterfly among moths.

But what’s the point of being different?

What’s so bad about being the same as the others?

Now I’m not going to lie, I love coding custom websites. It’s just that not everyone needs one. Most of the time, our wishes are not in line with the goals we’d like to achieve.

Take AirBNB for example. Their service offers accommodations for travelers who would like an alternative to traditional hotel-search services. By this very mission, AirBNB is a global company. Global presences require global branding strategy, which should absolutely include a custom web presence.

I’m not AirBNB. I’m a freelance designer living in Wisconsin. I have no desire to reach everyone on the planet.

What I do desire to do is to reach as many people as possible with great content. So I decided to shift the focus of my site from being just another portfolio piece, to a repository of my latest thoughts, opinions, and recommendations as they relate to web design and development. Hopefully I’ll also be able to muse on things from my personal hobbies and interests outside of web design and development from time to time as well, but I’ll try and keep those things interesting (and to a minimum).

The theme allows me to do all that. It frees me from tweaking, redesigning, recoding, and retooling my website every year or so, which as it turns out is a massive waste of time (in my opinion). I’d rather spend that energy helping you. Whether that means I help you with a fully custom HTML/CSS solution, with an out-of-the-box theme, or with a carefully thought-out social media & web marketing strategy remains to be decided.

In the end, shirking responsibility for my own website’s design allows me to free up the energy to make even better things on the internet with my clients. So, here’s to new beginnings; if you think you might be interested in tagging along, follow me. I may say something interesting from time to time.

And if you’re in need of a custom website or blog, or you need help with your SEO & social media presences, let me know. I’ve got the energy to help you.


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